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I was in an accident where the other driver fled from the scene. A witness got a license plate number, but there were questions as to who was driving the other vehicle. The insurance companies were fighting over who was going to take responsibility – the insurance for the car that fled or my uninsured motorist insurance. Also, the insurance companies did not want to fairly compensate us for our injuries. Sam managed to navigate these complications and deliver a fair result without a lot of hassle. He thoroughly explained the complicated litigation strategy that he was using to get the best result. Overall, Sam did a great job and helped us a lot.

Kimberly S. and Adrian V. - Seattle

I was in a severe accident and fractured by back. The other driver was uninsured. My own insurance company came to my house and tried to get me to settle my uninsured motorist claim for $500.00. I was self-employed and worried that I would lose my business because of my injuries. Sam fought hard for me and created a fair outcome. I would recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney.

Klark H – Bellevue

I was in two accidents within a year of each – and at the same intersection! The insurance companies wanted to blame each other and not take responsibility. Sam helped me get my medical bills paid and helped me move on with my life. I would recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney.

Cate H – Burien

After my car accident, the insurance company would not make a fair settlement offer. They tried to blame me for the accident even though I was stopped at a red light and rear-ended! Sam took my case through Mandatory Arbitration. We received an award of several times the best settlement offer. The insurance company appealed the result. Sam worked them over so hard that the insurance company withdrew their appeal and just paid the award. Sam did a great job for me. He took a personal involvement that I do not believe most lawyers do. I would recommend him to anyone!

Linda S. – Seattle

After my car accident, not only was the insurance adjuster calling me and harassing me, but he showed up at my work during my working hours. Sam got the insurance company off my back. After signing up with him, I only had to deal with Sam and his paralegal, both of whom were easy to work with. My case was in litigation because the insurance would not fairly compensate me for my medical bills and lost work. I also could not ride my motorcycle because of my back injury, and the insurance company did not appear to care about my loss. Ultimately, Sam worked hard on my case and got the insurance company to offer enough money to resolve the claim. I recommend him.

Colin B. – Seattle

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